Trust Your Wine to Our Expertise

Whether it’s for export, inland distribution, or future release, rest assured, your wine is in capable hands at our expansive climate controlled storage facility.

Our Services Include:

  • Bonded Storage for Wine: Your wine is safe and secure.
  • Unlabeled Wines in Bins: Optional bin hire for your convenience.
  • Packaged Wine on Pallets: Easy access to your packaged products.
  • Drinks-Related Dry Goods: We handle bottles, cartons, labels, and more.
  • Bonded Storage for Liquor and Spirits: A secure space for your spirits.
  • Customs Bond Store for Imported Liquor: Simplified duty payments for local orders.
  • Special Manufacturing for Wine: Customised solutions for your products.


Know Your Stock Status

Stay informed with our live system, providing real-time updates on your stock, reworks, orders, and uploaded documents. Our sophisticated system ensures transparency and peace of mind, thanks to full barcode verification and tracking.

All orders undergo triple verification before delivery, ensuring they are securely packed and arrive in the same condition as they left our warehouse.

Explore the convenience of our customs bonded storage area, allowing you to store imported products in bond and pay duties only when removing them for local orders.