Simplify Wine Compliance with Expert Consultation

Are you drowning in a sea of wine paperwork? Our consultants are here to untangle the administration for you. We understand that winemakers and farm owners are often too busy to manage the extensive paperwork associated with wine production, especially during the hectic harvest season.

Harvest time is a crucial period, and winemakers have one shot a year to prove their skills. It’s when wine paperwork often takes a back seat, making it a daunting task to piece everything together afterward. Mistakes in wine paperwork can result in substantial fines from SARS (Excise). For smaller producers, hiring a full-time person for these essential legal requirements may not be cost-effective.

At Cape Town Wine Hub, we thrive on managing wine administration and logistics, so let us take this headache away from you. Plus, we have established strong relationships with SAWIS inspectors and the excise department, ensuring a smooth process. Our wine consulting services include:

  • SAWIS and bonded warehouse registrations
  • Harvest applications online
  • Notification of harvest
  • Updating of harvest records and green cards
  • SAWIS audits
  • BG 6 for blending
  • Notification of bottling
  • Pink cards
  • BG9 applications
  • Labelling and dry goods planning
  • BG11
  • Export documents
  • Stock control reports
  • Excise accounts (manual DA260 and SARS e-filing)
  • Excise audits
  • IPW Applications
  • Additional tests (Sorbic, etc.)


If your specific need isn’t listed above, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re confident we can assist you or guide you in the right direction.

Let us streamline the red tape in your business, allowing you to focus your valuable time on building your wine brand!