Red Tape

Wine consultation: untangling the red tape!

Are you drowning in wine paperwork? With more than 25 years of experience in the wine industry, let our industry expert consultants make sense of it all. We understand that winemakers and farm owners often do not have the time to do all the paperwork linked to wine production.  Harvest time is most certainly a chaotic time of the year; understandably so, as winemakers get only one chance a year to prove their worth.  This is exactly when wine paperwork takes a back seat and putting the pieces together after harvest can often be an almost impossible task. Incorrect completion of wine paperwork can lead to hefty fines from SARS (Excise) and for most smaller producers, it just is not viable to employ a full-time person to complete all these vital legal requirements.

At Cape Town Wine Hub we get a kick out of doing wine administration and logistics, so allow us to take this headache away from you. The added benefit is that we have worked with most of the SAWIS inspectors and have built a good relationship with them as well as with the excise department. Cape Town Wine Hub offers hourly wine consulting for the following tasks:

  1. Sawis and bonded warehouse registrations
  2. Liquor Licence applications
  3. Harvest application on-line
  4. Notification of Harvest
  5. Updating of harvest book as well as green cards
  6. Sawis Audits
  7. BG 6 for blending
  8. Notification of bottling
  9. Pink cards
  10. BG9 application
  11. Labelling/ planning of dry goods
  12. BG11
  13. Export documents
  14. Stock control reports
  15. Excise accounts – manual DA260 as well as SARS-efiling
  16. Excise Audits
  17. Additional Tests – Sorbic etc.

If your need or requirement is not listed above, please get in contact with us.  We are sure we can assist or at the very least point you in the right direction.

Let us take the headache of red tape out of your business, so that you can spend your precious time building your wine brand!