Carton Cloud

WHAT IS Carton Cloud?

CartonCloud is a cloud-based warehouse management system (WMS) and transportation management solution (TMS) designed for businesses in industries such as logistics, refrigerated transport, e-commerce and more. Key features include delivery management, user history tracking, a client dashboard and document management.

How does CartonCloud benefit you as a customer?

CartonCloud will allow our customers to view all Sale Order History and available stock at our Warehouse live for all their products. Each of our customers will be provided with their personal login details which will allow access to CartonCloud. CartonCloud will be completely free of charge and each customer can add unlimited users which allows each business to add all their staff no matter the amount. Cape Town Wine Hub’s administrator will be able to assist with any questions telephonically about the website.

How to get access?

Each customer will get a direct email from CartonCloud with an invitation link. This link will direct you to CartonCloud’s website and will require you to create your own login details (please note that we do not have access to your username/email or password). Accepting the Terms & Conditions required by CartonCloud allows the customer complete access his/her details.